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About us Seasoned. Insightful. Savvy.

Business Consultants is a unique combination of talents. We are not interested in growth for its own sake, but rather focus on serving important clients and performing valuable services in challenging projects. In essence, we are a team of independent professionals who have teamed together under a common brand to perform projects that are more strategic and demanding than any one of us could do alone.

Most important of all, from our clients’ perspective, is that we insist on deep experience in relevant areas from all our people. Everyone at Business Consultants has a minimum of 20 years in his or her field, which encompass Management Consulting, Project Management, Business Continuity Management, Information Technology and Recovery, Information Security, Risk Management and IT Auditing. We say that “Experience Matters” because we have built our firm on that very foundation.

From our associates to directors, unparalleled credentials and professional accreditations are combined with a wealth of experience. Business Consultants professionals are a team clients can rely on to deliver results. Our team comprises of designers, practitioners and managers known for their competence, professional standing and energy. They have been selected on the basis of the quality and breadth of their experience, as well as on their sense of initiative, service, innovation and team spirit. Most are active members of recognized professional associations. Business Consultants' professionals specialize in the fields of finance, information systems, telecommunications, and the management of technological change. This blend of skills enable us to offer a full range of integrated services.

In twenty-first century businesses, it’s not uncommon for organizations to to find diverse teams of portfolio managers, program maanagers, project managers, internal auditors, enterprise risk management specialists, compliance officers, internal control specialists, IT governance experts, fraud investigators, and other risk and control professionals working together to help their organizations manage risk. Each of these specialties has a unique perspective and specific skills that can be invaluable to the organizations they serve, but because duties related to risk management and control are increasingly being split across multiple departments and divisions, these duties must be coordinated carefully to assure that risk and control processes operate as intended. This is what we do best at Business Consultants.


  • At Business Consultants, our mission is to be recognized and respected for consistently delivering quality management and technology consulting services to our public and private clients.


  • Honesty, Integrity and Reliability
  • Effective and consistent communication
  • Easy access to knowledge and resources
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